Who’s Next?

Every time I read and hear about new and new human accomplishments, be it in art, engineering, medical science or most-important-of-it-all, thinner tabs & bigger smartphones with faster apps, it makes me proud, real proud, as a human being. Though it is a fact that the difference in genes between a human being and its closest primate is only 1%, it is a reality that the difference in success between these two species is more than 100%. That leaves a lot of room for us to cheer and to aggrandize our ego.

Or .. does it really ?

Are we sure that the battle is over and won? Are we really the last and final creature? Did anybody announce that evolution of organisms has either ended or the pause button has been pressed with the creation of man? Every hundred million years there is a natural (or super-natural) catastrophe that wipes out the entire eco-system of species and sub-species giving rise to a new super-hero at the top of the food-chain. That’s what happened to the dimetrodons, that’s what happened to the dinosaurs (the difference being everybody knows about the dramatic and rapid Cretaceous extinction of the dinosaurs but not many people may be aware of the great Permian extinction where 90% of species on planet earth including top predators like dimetrodons perished). This probably is by design and is the natural check and balance process in-built in the system by the creator.

So, is global warming the pre-cursor to the next historical event on earth? Only time will tell. Maybe all of us will get wiped out and in the next hundred million years (or its equivalent, since the unit of time may get changed) a new super-species will slowly emerge out. May be another hundred million years later, when their feet are firm on the ground, they would set their eyes on the quest for the history of the world and the origin of species & evolution. They may eventually find out about us and our mobile apps (on a serious note, will our digital footprint stand the test of time ? since technology is changing so fast, I really doubt the backward compatibility going ahead) like the way we found out about the dinosaurs and the pangea and the atlantis.

Why does God always start afresh? Is it all a part of a bigger experiment in search of a bigger truth and better future? Or is He also still searching for the answer to this conundrum and doing trial and error on the way?

What do you think?